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An extra virgin olive oil that has been acclaimedexperts

by the great French chefs and olive oil experts..

« We must put aside convential wisdom : that fine wine could only be French, or that fine caviar would only come from the Caspian Sea, a fine olive oil is not necessarily Italian. The proof ? L'Huile H from Domaine Leos, in the Vaucluse region. I tasted this oil and it proved to be a great moment of pleasure. This oil is largely at the level of the best products that I could have tasted in Italy. An exceptional terroir, carefully selected and harvested varieties of olives, the processing know-how : Patrick Bruel has decided to strive for excellence. And he has suceeded. »
Alain Ducasse
Le Plaza Athénée restaurant in Paris (three Michelin stars), Louis XV restaurant in Monaco (three Michelin stars), The Dorchester in London (three Michelin stars), Le Meurice in Paris (two Michelin stars). Since 1999, Alain Ducasse has also been the chairman of the Châteaux et Hotels Collection (with about 700 locations). He runs the Alain Ducasse Group which is an  international empire of more than 20 hotels and restaurants that employs 1,400 people. According to the American financial magazine Forbes, he has been ranked 94th out of 100 of the most influential personalities in the world. On April 15, 2013, the British magazine Restaurant presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award of the San Pellegrino list, which consists of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Among his latest books is, "Ducasse chez vous" Ducasse edition, and "Manger un acte citoyen", Les Liens qui libèrent edition.
«  “It’s a very perfumed oil, very pronounced green flavor (dandelion), slight taste of fresh thyme, black-peppered or even peppered flavor on the finish… I’ve seasoned a salad with it: it was perfect without salt, without pepper, just plain. It was also delightful when matched with goat cheese. So, it’s an excellent product!”  »
Guy Savoy

Restaurant Guy Savoy, Hôtel de la Monnaie de Paris, awarded “The World’s Best Table” in the 2017 & 2018 List (classification of the 1, 000 best world restaurants / https://www.laliste.com/fr/) / Most recent books : Guy Savoy - Savourer la vie / Souvenirs joyeux (Flammarion) and Tout sur l’œuf / L’œuf en 90 recettes (éditions Telemaque).

« A very original oil… aromas of leaves of artichoke, dandelion flowers, hints of rocket salad and garrigue herbs. That’s L’Huile H! Perfect with the arrival of spring, and it will make our summer a delight!”  »
Daniel Hebet

Maître Cuisinier de France, Chef and owner of of “Jardin du Quai” and of “L’Atelier” at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

« “L’Huile Originelle H, of Domaine Leos, is a rare oil of remarkable intensity”. Bewitching and ethereal, the nose reveals a smell of flowers, fresh aromatic herbs and of citrus fruits. On the palate, it has almost a root intensity which reminds of fresh ginger and which gives an acid-like dimension to its smoothness. It’s the seasoning-oil on all counts that can enhance the flavors of vegetables, fish, poultry, goat cheese and even fruits”.  »
Philippe Faure-Brac

World’s Best Sommelier, President of the Union des sommeliers de France (Union of French Sommelliers), Master Sommelier and owner of “Bistrot du Sommelier” in Paris. Latest publications: Vinitour, le jeu des vins de France (EPA Edition) and 600 questions sur le vin (Chêne – EPA Edition)

« « A vivid and aromatic olive oil characterized by green fruit, pepper-like intensity, little bitterness!”  »
Olivier Nasles

Consultant enologist for Aix-Œnologie at Meyreuil (official lead analysis laboratory for olive oil), President of AFIDOL, President of the Office of accreditation and control at INAO (Governmental Institute in charge of Protected Appellation and Origin labels) and olive grower at Eguilles.

« “What we have here is an olive oil dominated by Aglandau, the main variety in Provence. Elegant, the nose is defined by vegetal freshness and aromas of green bananas. In the palate, this strong “green fruit” taste is truly manifest with notes of artichoke and almond, accompanied by bitterness and intensity which tell of optimum freshness and maturity.”  »
Christian Pinatel

Technical Director of the Technical Center for Olive Tree, Head of the test panel of the International Olive Council at Aix-en-Provence, Head of the official jury of AFIDOL, author of L’olivier / Histoire ancienne et contemporaine (Naturalia Edition) and of Identification et caractérisation des variétés d’olivier cultivées en France (Naturalia Edition). 

« “This oil has a golden color which suggests a nice juice of fresh olives! The nose reveals artichoke and grassy notes and strong hints of fresh mowed grass and citrus in the palate. I’ve noticed a slight bitterness and a pronounced intensity with a long and peppery finish.”  »
Alexandra Gauquelin-Rocher

Oleologist and creator of the website Les Callis (featuring a selection of the best olive oils in the world), founder of the olive-growing domain “La ferme les Callis” (olive and culinary laboratory) in Gordes, and founder of “Comptoir des huiles d’olive” at Isle-sur-le-Sorgue. 

« La dégustation était un vrai plaisir : beau packaging, odeur vive de pédoncule de tomate, robe d'un vert tendre rafraîchissant, en bouche une très belle attaque végétale, suave amertume, persistance aromatique soutenue avec une note épicée en fin de bouche. Une très belle image pour l'huile de Provence. Un grand bravo!
Alain Dutournier
Chef du restaurant Carré des Feuillants (1 étoile Michelin) et propriétaire du groupe Dutournier qui comprends les restaurants, Au Trou Normand et le BBM ainsi que les caves Marly. Alain Dutournier a été élu pour la première fois "Chef de l'année" en 1996. Il est l'auteur de "Ma cuisine des Landes au Carré des Feuillants" (Editions Albin Michel), livre lauréat du Prix international La Mazille 2000.
«  Beautiful discovery of a wonderful nectar of what olives can give best. L'Huile H is a real velvet for the most delicate palates.Under tis intense tinted bronze coloring, a surprisingly complex bouquet unveils itself. It is an admirable balance between richness and finesse, opulence and freshness. Its subtle fruity and spicy flavor, supported by a slight bitterness and a restrained fieriness, leaves a pleasant memory of purity and harmony.L'Huile H will match perfectly with vegetables, fine fish, goat cheese... A light drizzle of this aromatic concentrate will suffice to season these delicacies, and evoke the sweetest memories of summer vacation. »
Joel Robuchon
Acclaimed as "Best Craftsman in France" in 1976, "Chef of the year" in 1987, "Cook of the century" in 1990, and best restaurant in the world in 1994 by the International Herald Tribune. Today, he holds the greatest prize list in the history of culinary art, with 32 stars in the Michelin Guide and oversees a worldwide empire of fine restaurants that he establishes (L'Atelier, La Table, La Cuisine, Le Salon de thé and Le restaurant Joël Robuchon).
« “Intense nose, fresh and grassy, with a fragrance of wet grass and garrigue followed by hints of avocado, sweet almond and banana. The palate is round, moderately intense and ardent, with a long and balanced bitterness. Palate confirms the notes revealed by the nose, but with a real taste of olive!”   »
Patrick Fischnaller

Owner of the restaurant « Le Vivier » (1 Michelin star) at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, and his team (Romain Gandolphe, Chef ; Antoine Santini, sommelier ; and Vincent Laffite & Alexia Janet).

«  En visitant les oliveraies de la propriété, les différentes variétés d'olives minutieusement choisies témoignent d'une réelle volonté de recherche de la perfection.Lors de la dégustation on découvre la pertinence du choix des assemblages d'où nait un équilibre parfait et judicieux qui donne une huile à la fois verte et fruitée, aromatique et ardente laissant une touche délicate poivrée en fin de bouche; plus qu'une huile d'olive, je dirais un condiment aromatique gorgé de soleil au caractère bien marqué qui caractérise notre belle région.Je ne saurais que vous inviter à découvrir cette huile gorgée de soleil, assaisonner une belle salade, monter un pistou, une brandade ou un aioli... ou encore simplement sur un fromage de chèvre frais.. Laissez ce nectar accompagner vos envies...   »
Xavier Mathieu
Restaurant La Table de Xavier Mathieu ( 1 étoile Michelin) à Joucas.
« L'Huile H is an aromatic and very balanced oil with intense aromas which gives it a very long and enjoyable finish. Tasting it feels like a walk in a garden. Hints of fresh grass are released with a floral touch. However, it is an intense oil with a peppered flavor on the finish – thanks to antioxidants – which contributes to its structure in the palate. It is characterized by a fresh note which gives it smoothness and harmony.  »
Christine Cheylan

Mostly distinguished olive expert and olive grower of France, owner of Moulin de Chateau Virant, author of “De l’olive à l’huile d’olive” (published by Château Virant).

« “An olive oil with a subtle taste; a shining testimony of the olive-growing culture of Provence”.  »
Christian Argenson

Olive expert, former CEO of the Association Française Interprofessionnelle de l’Olive (AFIDOL), co-author of Les bonnes pratiques d’hygiène pour l’élaboration de l’huile d’olive vierge (collective publication of AFIDOL).