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Discover the video of the Leos Domain,
the ground of L'huile H.

A Domaine with an exceptional terroir

Domaine Leos, where L’Huile H originates, stretches across a 37-hectare plateau on the heights of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue with a magnificent 360° view of the city, the Vaucluse Mountains and the Luberon region. Benefitting from a protected natural biotope, free of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides for more than 60 years, the terroir is composed of a gentling sloping plateau consisting of rock slabs covered by a shallow layer of calcareous and gravelly soil, which is particularly well adapted to the cultivation of olive trees, truffle oaks, and vines.

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The rebirth of a terroir and of an exceptional olive plantation

Domaine Leos: the historic home of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Until 1956, the land was planted with olive trees, vines, almond trees, and truffle oaks. As in nearly all of Provence, most of the olive trees froze in February 1956. Vines were removed and replaced with pine trees. The rest of the land was left in fallow. Bought in 2007 by Patrick Bruel (see interview with Patrick Bruel), for the past ten years the estate has undergone extensive structuring and protective work in order to maintain the existing biotope and to rehabilitate the oldest plantings: the cutting and bottom pruning of the existing olive trees succeeded in reviving 500 of them.

Starting in 2011, the estate was expanded to cover the entire « Plateau of Margoye. » More than 1,000 additional olive trees were planted, allowing Domaine Leos and brand H of Leos to become the first and only producer of « extra virgin » olive oil in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

Lastly, in the springs of 2018 and 2019, 800 new 15-year-old olive trees were planted, as well as 18,000 vines, followed in 2020 by 1,000 more olive trees, resulting in more than 3,300 olive trees.