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Looking for the best in French extra virgin olive oil…

The olive oils H of Leos carry a foolish dream begun 10 years ago when the owner of Domaine Leos, together with a team of passionate experts, set for himself the ambition of producing in Provence exceptional olive oils that capture the authentic taste of the fruit and which are able to compete with the best olive oils in the world. The medals received, the support of the greatest French chefs and of world-recognized experts, its inclusion at the Culinary College of France, its listing in the best fine delicatessens and restaurants of France, as well as the enthusiasm of its clients show that the dream is about to come true.
Today, the story continues with the expansion of Domaine Leos, the planting of the first vines and the launching of new fruity green and fruity ripe H of Leos Selection oils in PDO Provence!

Domaine Leos, a remarkable terroir

Cultivated without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, Domaine Leos stretches out across a gently-sloping plateau, consisting of rock slabs covered with a calcareous and gravelly soil. It benefits from a uniquely-protected natural environment: the estate does not use any chemical fertilizers nor pesticides and the olive trees were planted on lands free of any crops for more than 60 years.

« An original » taste

All the fruity green and fruity ripe extra virgin oils H of Leos represent the quest for original tastes, and the spirit of excellence and authenticity that drive the teams of Domaine Leos. Its unique aromatic flavours come from the quality of the terroirs, the cultivations, the variety of the olive trees, as well as the quality of the mill, but also from the early picking (fruity green) and late picking (fruity ripe).

Extra virgin olive oil from first cold pressing

All the oils H of Leos are « extra virgin from first cold pressing », the high-end range of olive oils that guarantees their purity and level of excellence. A quality accentuated by hand harvesting and the quality of the « crushing » of the olives, the filtration and conservation at the mill.

A variety of olives marked by Aglandau

A variety first grown in the Vaucluse region of « Belle Provence, » Aglandau is well-known for the richness of its aroma; it is characterised by its smoothness, intensity and surprising taste which releases flavourings of artichoke, green and fruit. Historically known as « Verdale of Vaucluse or Carpentras, » Aglandau is also called « plant of Aix » in the Bouches-du-Rhône, « Berruguette » in the Maussane region or « Blanquette » around Eygalières.

The only « extra virgin » olive oil that originates from L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

All the oils H of Leos are exclusively from Provence. L’Huile H of Domaine Leos is the only commercial extra virgin olive oil that comes from L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue olive groves. Celebrated as the « Venice of Provence », and the capital of antiques and art galleries, the town is a « global village », in the image of René Char, its poet, who used to host Albert Camus, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Nicolas de Staël.
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